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 Open  muzzle type for pipes that are made by both carbon or aluminum that have an inner diameter opening of 29mm.

It is of a stylish hydrodynamic design that makes the movement of the gun in any direction a simple and easy task. The double- bands are pocketed flatly on the body of the speargun in a different position and height between each of them, which contributes to agility, responsiveness, avoidance of vibration and friction between the bands. The flat-shaped spear guide contacts the spear in just 3 points, giving precise position in heaight and less friction or drag on the spear… (16mm from the center of the tube)

Two ballast compartments for the weighing of the head have been designed: One in the tube of the head (the part that enters the tube), and one easily accessible along the spear guide. Also worth mentioning is the minimalistically designed high-strength line guide that buries the cord into the body, preventing jams and vibrations during unwinding and movement of both the whole gun and the cord  whilst keeping the line always close to the body of the barrel that also prevents uncontrolled flow of the cord.

The Bungee hole is well suited to prevent jamming, vibrations along the lines thus bringing Bungee to the side of the barrel where it works perfectly and in harmony with the trigger mechanism and the line guide of the head.

Line lengths are arranged in an ambidextrous position on the muzzle  on any side desired by the user. For users that prefer on tip spears, the muzzle  also has the slot for holding the flopper closed.

B 32 - ID 29 MUZZLE
29,00 €
New Price 26,10 €
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