Who we are

The company Lazareto is active in the retail of fishery products, starting its course 15 years ago located in Crete.

Making fishing more lovable and accessible to everyone, the fishery products are resistant during the time and always available at affordable prices. From the beginning of our operation until today, our philosophy and the only thing we are looking for is this: Respect for the customer and proper guidance!

The aim of our company is to offer the maximum enjoyment in terms of the aquatic world, supplying from live baits to a fully equipped boat. Always having a customer-centric character and a friendly policy towards the prospective buyer. 

The key element of Lazareto is the continuous support of the Greek fisherman listening to his needs and providing unique quality and incomparable prices. It is really important for sea lovers to know that in the midst of an economic downturn which shrinks their maritime activities, they have a strong ally who cares not to miss a moment of delight from their fishing time!


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